3G/4G Routers & Modems

Nexaira Business Class 3G/4G Broadband Router

Business customers can now have reliability and security protocols with a wireline and 3G Broadband connection with the Nexaira Business Class Router.

Business Class Features

  • Customizable 3G Auto-Failover with Anti-Flap.
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP provides no single point of failure).
  • General Route Encapsulation (GRE Often used for VoIP services)
  • IPSec termination - (not just pass through often required for payment card industry security standards PCI)

Primary Router with 3G Auto Failover and Anti-Flap

NexWare provides business continuity for existing network connections (i.e. cable modem, DSL, or T1) with a seamless failover to 3G cellular networks. Customizable features like failback Anti-Flap ensure network stability. 3G/4G Back-up Router Solution

NexWare VRRP (compatible with Cisco, Juniper ect.) means no single point of failure. VRRP delivers business continuity for existing wireline routers and network connections, with 100% redundancy.

Remote Management and Configuration

NexWare allows pushing standard configurations to multiple sites via SSH or Telnet. NexWare provides the ability to monitor and manage your router remotely using SNMP V2.

3G Connectivity

Nexaira’s Business Class Router supports more 3G data cards than any other router in the market and is compatible with most PCMCIA ExpressCard and USB modems. The Business Class router also works with DSL, Cable, and T1 networks.


Call to order: 877-399-2991

Nexaira SOHO 3G/4G Router


NexWare™ Setup Wizard automates 3G/4G WAN installations. Nexware™ Setup Wizard provides easy step-bystep intuitive customization. Connecting multiple computers with one internet connection.


Nexaira’s NexConnect SOHO Router supports more 3G/4G data cards than any other router in the market. Compatible with most ExpressCards and USB modems from AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, & Verizon. Also works with DSL, Cable, and T1 networks.


Call to order: 877-399-2991