Wireless Device Repair

Wireless Device Repair Center

We repair damaged phones.

Out of Warranty damage can be extremely frustrating. The choices are usually to buy a new phone or extend your already long contract even longer. Well be frustrated no more there is a better solution!

Introducing Out Of Warranty Repair by CF Repair Center!

  • Out of Warranty device repairs for your Smartphone and/or Motorola Handset. Yes we cover iPhone!
  • We can repair your device regardless of your wireless Carrier.
  • Most repairs are complete within 24 to 48 hours.

Wireless Device Repair

About CF Repair Center:

  • Our technicians have over 20 years wireless repair experience.
  • CF Repair Center uses all Original Manufacturer parts.
  • We are an Authorized Motorola Out of Warranty Repair Center.

CF Repair Center Services Include:

  • Smartphone Out of Warranty Repair (we use Original OEM Parts)
  • Motorola Out of Warranty Device Repair
  • Typical 24 to 48 hour turnaround on Repair.

Call today (888) 623-6288 and find out how CF Repair Center can be a valuable resource for you and your customers!