• Mobile Kiosk
  • Payment Processing
  • Wireless ATM
  • Industrial/Remote Monitoring
  • Barcode Scanners & Handheld Computers
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental
  • Back-Up/Fail-Over Solutions

M2M Connectivity

Machine 2 Machine (M2M) technologies are being used more and more to improve or replace antiquated manual or Wireline processes or transactions utilizing the faster, more reliable, and more affordable Wireless Data Networks.

How can Payless Cellular help you with your M2M Deployment?

M2M Connectivity

If you have already selected the Equipment behind your M2M Solution you are probably evaluating which Wireless provider has the best pricing and service to power the Wireless Data Connectivity behind your solution.

Connecting the device to a Wireless Data Network is where Payless can help!

  • We provide HIGHLY COMPETITIVE DATA RATES for low usage data plans.
  • Payless offers STATIC IP ADDRESSES at no extra charge on our CDMA Network.
  • Since we have agreements to Resell (CDMA or GSM) WIRELESS DATA NETWORK we can offer you maximum coverage when you go to deploy your M2M solution.

What makes Payless Different?

  • We offer flexibility of 12 month contracts instead of the standard 24 month contract terms required with most carriers.
  • Our M2M Data Rates are the most competitive in the industry, which can yield you significant savings monthly and annually.
  • Our team will go above and beyond to provide excellent Communication and Customer Care to your organization.
  • We focus exclusively on what we do best which is get your Wireless Data device connected to a major Wireless Data Network.

For information on any of our M2M Solutions, Request Pricing, or if you want to learn how to become an Agent for our M2M Solutions please contact: Mark Savage at 877-399-2991 or email mark.savage@paylesscell.net